The Department of English had its inception in 2006 with 55students and Post Graduation was started in 2007. Like adding a feather to the crown, it renders its sacred umbilical cord service in the Research field from 2012.The Department of English well enough to clinch Gold Medal with 6 University Ranks in the very first batch in 2006.Since then; it has been tapping its students to come with flying colours in every University examination. Our students spread their name and fame in every corner of the world. The Department inculcates literary knowledge along with some moral values.

Further it moulds not only the students of English Department but also the students of other Departments in the college. As a mark of Himalayan victory, now the Department functions with nearly 420 UG students ,90PGstudents and 15M.Phil.Scholars.It shines proudly with 20 well experienced and dedicated faculty members. The faculty members swap their time and service for the flowering of the bright carrier of the students community. The Department library has more than 2000 Books and 20 journalists. Every week the Department of English conducts audio visual programmes on plays and novels. In every aspect the Department of English is a brilliant shining star of the college.


To provide incomparable internationally acclaimed teaching for the betterment of the world and to imbibe the necessary personality traits to move towards a sound life with academic and research enrichment


To develop communication skills strengthening a holistic understanding of literature, to pursue advanced research in English and to sharpen their critical ability to interpret and evaluate literary works and theories.

Staff Detail

S.No Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. GUNASEKARAN.N Assistant Professor and Head M.A.,M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D., PGDCA.,
2 Sridevi P Assistant Professor M.A, M.PHIL, B.ED
3 Amirtharaj R Assistant Professor M.A, M.PHIL, B.ED
4 Prakash M Assistant Professor M.A, M.PHIL, B.ED
5 Velmurugan A Assistant Professor M.A ., M.PHIL., B.ED.,
6 Kamarasu K Assistant Professor M.A , M.PHIL, B.ED
7 Ilakkiya E
8 RAMYA.R Assistant Professor MA.,M.Ed.,DT.Ed.,

B.A. English

M.A. English